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Default Re: Sand storms. Lubbock, TX. Drought. And critters.

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
By the way, speaking of alfalfa... I just recently started adding alfalfa sprouts as a regular part of my diet. Very easy to add - just rinse and eat. And I feel much better... You can add it to almost any dish or sandwich (even to soups). I recommend it to everyone. Yum!

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One of the survivalist guys recommended sprouts as nutritious and very easy to produce. It's like a three day cycle you keep going, always starting a batch and harvesting after three days. He recommended red wheat, as I recall. It's cheap to buy a fifty pound sack of wheat and will feed one for a long time.

Here's a source, although a local feed store might be cheaper. From my farming experience, I remember alfalfa seed being very high priced, like $30 a pound. That's been years ago though.
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