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Default Another way I've seen some people use this idea...

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Thanks Glenn!

By the way, I very rarely recommend email lists... But getting on Glenn's email list is one of the ones I wholeheartedly recommend...!

I've copied your technique! It works!

I really should do it more often...

Getting honest feedback is very valuable...
Hi Glenn,

Here's another way I've seen this used...

Some YouTube video makers use Patreon to get paying supporters...

People who pay via Patreon may get extra videos, extra background info, etc.

I've also seen some YouTubers ask for advice on what video they should make next, chosen out of a list... They let their paying Patreon subscribers choose the next video they make...

They've "repositioned" the survey so that their viewers pay them to be able to get a say in what they make next!

I thought that was an interesting angle to take...

Best wishes,


P.S. One guy who sometimes does this is the following American who used to live in China... Then got out last year...

Here he is talking about it...

I've attached an example of one of his polls... (Screenshot from video.)
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