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Don Alm
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Default Wow! $800 a Week!

Just got a call from one of my "students" (single mom who was totally Desperate with 2 kids under 4 and husband who walked out)

I showed her my "Oil Change Coupon" program and she wanted to give it a try.

I went to 2 Auto Repair guys....1 North and 1 South. Asked if they'd be interested in a program to bring them MORE "Auto Repair" biz.

Told them I'd put together a "Free Oil Change" program where they'd provide 2 FREE Oil Changes local residents. Then I told them tht because they were "Auto Repair Specialists".....when they did the Free Oil Changes....they were VERY likely to find Something Else on the vehicle that they could charge for.

They both agreed so.....I made up a "coupon" for "2 Free Oil Changes" at either of the 2 locations.....for $20.

Now.....most everyone has Twenty Bux and most everyone needs an Oil showed her what to do and what to say and.....sent her on her way....going door to door....up one side and down the other.

Within 20 minutes I received a call...."I Got my first Sale!" I responded with "Whopee CowPoopee!" and this morn she gave me the 4-day report (she only wants to "work 4 hrs a day and 4 days a week!" that's why THIS is el-perfecto for her.

Thanks for reading.....

Don Alm
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