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Default That is a good profit. For me, it has always been about supply.

You and I are in the minority. I like the psychology parts too.

I like the drum machines and used to flip a lot of equalizers back in the day of "real" stereo equipment (talking turntables, tuners, amps...all that fun stuff). I once was big into cameras, in fact, how I got started.

But one needs a supply, and when I first wrote the original Chattel Report, I found the mundane, ho-hum everyday stuff would sell faster. Then, once the Internet allowed such things, I searched for PRICES only.

The 12 steps in the report could be started at any level, even a 9 year old could start with 10 bux and keep it going...but in the spirit of


Rather than the marathon ... If someone started at 1k, it would only take six weeks to get to a 1k a week profit, and two deals would put them in the 100k a year range. And truthfully, it is (for me) easier to find 200 bux in profit in something selling for 1k, than it is to find 20 bux in something selling for 100.

But as long as the transactions keep one in the black, it is whatever works. I would guess that beat machines (are they similar) and all things home music would be good chatteling today.

Thanks for sharing.


PS " Arabian drums, should I put them by the gate, or sad eyed lady should I wait". Would Dylan leave the "drum machines" by the gate?? Someday, I want to make a movie from his JACK OF DIAMONDS. Someday.

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That's interesting because the parade of life and psychology parts are my favorite.

I do agree with scaling up to begin with, if possible.

I've been having some fun buying "drum machines" on Craigslist then reselling them on Reverb, which is a marketplace for used musical instruments.

A used Drum Machine, depending on the model, can sell for $200 to $800.

A lot of young guys buy a drum machine, maybe play with it once if at all, then it collects dust in a drawer for a few years until they decide they want to just get rid of it for cheap.

It's pretty easy to flip these on Reverb or eBay and profit anywhere from $100 to $150 average.

The only wrinkle is finding ENOUGH of these at the correct price to flip for profit, but one or two a week is doable.
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