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Default Re: Hey Sows! Here's MY "Retirement" program

Here' s has been my experience with Video Marketing:

Clients either just don't get or they want the listing for next to nothing.
I never come anywhere near the 1k a month fee per client and i have
listings in the top 50 Cities in the U.S. by population.

It is not that hard to rank a video on the first page( thou it is getting more so everyday) Google has just gotten a bit more seletive on what vids it will
allow on the first page. Basiclly if there is no video on the first page it is going to be an uphill battle, however still very doable to get to the first page.

I know Mark brought a lot of his stuff and am a member of his Facebook group(which is even less active then this forum) and quite frankly Mark has good stuff, it just has
not worked for me as it was orginially pitched.

What is working is giving the lead to the company and taking a piece of the
action. Anywere from 10-20%.
Need Printing? Need business cards? I can do 500 full color 14pt uv coated ones for $10 plus shipping
and have them in your hands within a week or less.
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