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Default Thanks Phil! Phil comes through once again... :)

Originally Posted by Phil View Post
No problem Dien, as we're All in this Together...

Must Be just Too Busy making ''Lotsa'' $$$$$$Moola... Yourself, from your Part of the World Too...

As You ''Missed'' that Thread, Google Bots even [Got it Once Again] for More ongoing SowPub Traffic!...

"Buy my Face" and "Sold" emblazoned brightly on their Faces...
Thanks Phil for "coming through with the goods" as usual...!!! (Before I did!)

I should've checked, since if anyone had posted it, it would probably have been you...

Thanks again!

Although it's probably a "fad"... It's staggering the real money that is made with some of these "wacky" ideas...!

Best wishes,

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