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Default A second-hand ad "trick" I've used...

Originally Posted by jsansi View Post
I bought it to flip ...

I appreciate the help Gordon. Feels like however much I think I know, I don't really know anything at all. I'm reworking and testing the ads now based on your suggestion.
Hi jsansi,

A "trick" I've used is this...

Find successful ads selling the same thing (or close to the same thing) that you're selling... Selling the item second-hand if you're also selling second-hand...

Then, copy their ad... At least the structure of it.

You can also improve on it (you may notice they're missing some helpful things, which you can add in)...

If their ad is successful, and if you're selling the same or similar product, at a good price, in the same place, then there's a good chance your ad should work too...

With chatteling, you effectively make your money when you buy. If you've bought an item there is a demand for at a good enough price, it's hard not to make money when you sell.

The Chattel Report shows you how to do this...

Best wishes,

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