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Default Re: How/where do you find confidence without security?...

Yes - exactly! It's not confidence, but FREEDOM from worry I seek.

So, everyone (else) who seems not to be worried, is faking it (?)

I was going on the hope I could someday reach that level of not worrying -- or at least worrying less!

You're saying that level cannot be achieved? (so I should give up trying (?))

If so, life sucks worse than I thought. I thought it was just ME suffering THIS much (with debilitating worry).

So I just learn to live with it?? (+ maybe fake it better?)

I seem to be worrying WAAAAAY more than I used to.
Maybe because I'm treading water in a deeper pool than before(more responsibility + more to lose, etc.)

Originally Posted by Bozo View Post
I think what you're trying to get to here, is a lack of worry. I don't think that's possible.

Confidence is something other people see, so you can fake that. Worry is strictly internal, and I don't think you can eliminate it.

Your RE friend had confidence that the house would sell, but he had no skin in the game and so could afford to be confident. When it's your skin, worry comes with the program.

I think it's ok to worry, even natural and unavoidable. But, it's what you do while worrying that determines the outcome.

Let the worry consume you and you won't be able to do anything but worry.

Be worried, but keep hammering away at a solution, and you may come out ok in the end. Or not. All you can do is keep trying.

Even when you're supremely confident in a good outcome, your whole world can turn to crap in an instant. Confidence is no more valuable than worry.

The best you can do is keep flying the plane until the noise stops.

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