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Default Re: A 13.87 BRIBE For YOUR OPINION on Behalf of Lisa

Hi Glenn,

I like [b] Deadly Detective

I like two word titles that both start with the same letter.

I like how Detective Means mystery and Deadly grabs my interest.

Best of success,
Skip Rosell

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Happy Holidays,

As you know, Jim Straw was Big on Testing.

One Change at a time. Over and over again. 1000's of Tests
over Jim's lifetime.

Since we're CELEBRATING Jim Straw - what can be better than do some A/B Split Testing Here and now.

***In my Ezine - We Find Out What VIP members want.
***Help them get it.
***And Write about the process and the End Result.
***So We've Already Started Testing on Behalf of Lisa.

Lisa wants to Write and Sell Detective Novels.

We suggested she test some Titles. Lisa didn't know how. Or what to Test Either. So we got things rolling.

1st - We Tested 8 different Book Titles to Our Ezine List
2nd - We visited a bookstore - Bribed People with Jelly Beans - as they Left
the store - at the front door - to VOTE on their Favorite Title.

WE GOT TWO DIFFERENT Winning Detective Titles!

So THE Plan is:

To BRIBE YOU For Your Opinion and Thus Break the Tie.


A F-r-e-e Copy of Part I of a Recent Mp3 Interview I did - Full of Munny
Making Case Studies And How I Got Started Making Munny - Part Time - Outside my Job...

THE LINK to the 13.87 Holiday Sales Letter is Here:

Your 2 Hour Mp3 BRIBE...

E-mail Your #1 Favorite Detective TITLE to me at - [email protected]

AFTER I Get Your OPINION - You Get A F-r-e-e LINK to The BRIBE.

PICK ONE, Please -

___A - Teddy Bear Detective

___B - Deadly Detective

___C - Fluffy Detective

___D - Clown Detective

___E - Super Hero Detective

___F - Brass Ovary Detective

___G - Goldilocks Detective

___H - The Limping Detective

Glenn Osborn
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