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Default Is there only ONE BUSINESS model????

Something to sell.

Someone to buy.

Is there a different model? Doesn't it all come down to some kind of a transaction? A demand for something, a supply for the demand.

Millions of people are scrambling today. The uncertainty is racking up a pile of casualties.

26% of Franchises are fast food, most of those are take out/drive through only. The buzzards are circling overhead.

NPC International, the largest franchisee of Pizza Hut restaurants has filed for bankruptcy, and it is estimated many more will follow.

The Pizza Hut spin on the bankruptcy is; " opportunityto create a better future for this franchisee". So, it is a good thing?

You need a steady job, get into PR and spin, cause that is the world we live in today.

Anyhow, as many of us are looking for opportunities during this crisis (and crisis is spin itself, a crisis comes and GOES)...

I am daily talking to people with good business models, which suit me...sell a consumable product or up satisfied customers and keep on.

Why did I put this under the post about ZIP ZONE POSTCARD mailings???

By sending out fewer cards, on a quarterly basis, Steve has created an ADVERTISING consumable. Where as, his menu board program is yearly, and many co-op EDDM cards are one off, because they mail 10k to 100k at a time and saturate an area.

ZIP ZONES stay local, are affordable to the merchant, and with quarterly mailings, the can be seasonal too. It gives the small business a chance to stay in front of their customers, get branding benefits, while consuming advertising, and needing more. There is a demand for advertising, make no mistake about it...and ZIP ZONES can be the supply.

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