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Default Birthday mysticism...send me your thought...


My retirement birthday. Start collecting social security and seashells on the beach.

But, tomorrow, I'm betting the farm (my ant farm) on the number 128.

So, send me thoughts of 128 coming up in the CA lottery. OR any lottery.

With the combined power of all of us thinkging the same number, mysticism says something majical will happen...NOW, don't screw my birthday magic up with your logic, skepticism or be thinking of your own dang birthday...

I don't expect you to mediatate for 12 hours, but go ahead if you want too.

We'll check in tomorrow night to see how many states came up with the same winning number.

Stare at a candle, listen to music, put on your tin hat...but whatever you do, get those thoughts of a winning 128 to me by Federal Express if you have too.

128. Visualize it. Believe it. Be thankful helping the old man out. It is the SECRET, right?



PS. I'll be shopping all night online for something really cool for all of us to share in when the winning number is maybe some beans or something cool like that, fair enough?

128 repeat after me...128 is really great. if old gordy wins, heré's what he'll ate....

beans, beans the magical bean...

PPS. If you can't send good vibes, send nothing at all, OK?


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