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Default 3 digit number...don't want millions....

Hey Boz,

I DO appreciate the little bd bux, I'll have a double cheeseburger at 5 guys or at in and out burger...haven't tried either yet...or go on an ice cream binge with burritos and Dos Equiss...thanks.

The 128 is a 3 digit play, combo pays a few bux...if all this psychic power produces a winner (don't bet on it)...THEN we'll go after the POWER BALL.

Let's start small and use our astral minds and psychokinesis on small things first of all...let's aim for cheesburgers and fries before we buy the forum lobster and crab...OK?


PS. Thanx again for your pleasant surprise, mucho gracias amigo.

Originally Posted by Bozo View Post
I wish I'd have read this first, and I could have sent nothing. What's up with 128? I thought the lottery was six numbers.

As it happens, I sent you some digital bux for a burger and a couple of XX's, to celebrate your birthday.

Happy Birthday Viejo.
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