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Default Today, I would start the 12 weeks at $1,000.00

Originally Posted by unpinkpanther View Post
Hey Gordon

Thanks again for sharing the information you did on the Sprint to Freedom-Chattel Report.

I think the concepts of the Parade of Life and the Bike Metaphor for Building Networks are solid GOLD.

(I also chuckle whenever I read the sections where you tell the reader to use the coloured markers enclosed, but that's another story altogether!)

I'm curious: if you were to update that report for today, what is the KEY part you would focus on?

The part I would focus on are the 12 weeks, and start it at 1k dollars, telling the readers that at that level and a consistent 20% would get them to "freedom" much faster, and I would probably make it twice a week for transactions, to go even faster.

I would take out the Parade of Life, the psychology parts and maybe put more advertising into it.

Thanks for asking.

Gordon "Mr. Chattel" Alexander
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