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Default Re: Question For You Dien

Originally Posted by Jim Wilson View Post
I was wondering if your old board would be archived in this new format or is all of that info now lost?

The reason I ask is because of the fact that the AuctionHints board is probably due for a change also and I am considering my options. But I don't want to lose the info that has been shared there for the past 5 years.

Thanks in advance.

I realize that you are still setting things up and that you will probably eventually have your logo at the top as well as some other changes. What else do you anticipate doing as you feel your way around your new board and learn how it all works?

Take care all as usual,
Jim Wilson

Hi Jim,

Right now, I'm working on getting all the archives incorporated into this new forum software... So far, things are looking up! I'm hoping to have it all done in the next few days...

I still have a LOT to learn about this forum software (vBulletin) though - as I've mentioned before, there are about a gazillion options and I'm still feeling my way around them. There are also lots of "extras" (like avatars and polls, as Jim Kaiser has mentioned). I'm not sure right now exactly what the forum will have (in terms of extra features) since I'm still figuring out how everything works... I'll probably ask for feedback regarding these various things, to see what everyone likes and wants... (The new "poll" function could be handy for that when the time comes!)

Thanks for your query, Jim... Feel free to email me if you want more details about the archive stuff, I should be able to tell you how it all went in a few days (I hope!).

- Dien
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