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Default As simple as a HOTSHEET?

Your investigative juices are getting fired up again. We love this little hidden and oft unknown ideas to get our money grubbing litl' minds to work.

I like SIMPLE. Other than getting paid 500 bux to talk on the phone for an hour, do you know of anything more simple than a HOTSHEET?
If so, please share NOW!


Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Sometimes the best ideas are relatively simple...

One Australian Mom was taking a plane flight with her kids, and had a great idea. She realized that, when a kid sits in an adult-sized airplane seat, there's a lot of room at the front of that seat!

She came up with the idea of an inflatable pillow which could be used to fill that space... So a child can "stretch out" and even sleep, using the whole space like a bed! (Probably great for reducing crankiness in kids on long haul flights...)

Since she started selling it... She's had a lot of demand!

And yet, it's a relatively simple idea...

Plane Pal Interview on Australian Television

Samantha Cardone’s kids’ product Plane Pal has taken off

Sometimes, even simple ideas can be quite commercially successful...

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