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Default Technicalities are where the answers lie

But lets not such technicalities stand in the way of making the world a better place.

Um... no Let's let such technicalities stand in the way. Because those annoying technicalities are the crux of the whole matter.

As I said, words like Poverty, Poor and Needy are all generic terms. They all lack clear definition. Yet they are bandied about by do-gooders to garner free labor and free money from others. Always for their Good Works.

It is only by having a Clear definition of what is Meant that we see it for what it is. A master/slave thing where the master lives off of the effort of the slave, under the pretext of doing good.

The problem I have with poverty is the same problem I have with global warming. It hurts seeing people die - who otherwise shouldn't have.

Man Made Global Warming is a crock. A load of BS. With no verifiable scientific evidence to back it up. Just a bunch of conjecture.

But don't you know... the term global warming is so yesterday. It's now Climate Change because... no matter what happens, it's Climate Change. And it drives me nuts. Nuts to see so many merrily frolicking to the Climate Change tune without a thought in their head. Ignoring the yearly seasons and longer timeframe weather patterns. For the sake of a feelgood slogan. Arrgggghhhh.

People die daily. But to say they otherwise shouldn't have, is to place one person's life above another's for no other reasons than the Manner of their death.

Ankesh, probably the Biggest Killer on the planet is Pneumonia. I don't see a pneumonia awareness week/day. I don't see a blog action day (B.A.D.) where a bunch of good-guy badge seekers write on ridding the world of pneumonia.

I don't see B.A.D.s on preventing govt's ripping off their people. I see no B.A.D. on the Horrors of Mugabe. I see no B.A.D. on the rort that is the Palestinian Govt getting something like $30m a day from the UN, while they send suicide bombers into Israel and the US pretends to Hold Talks and says it's fighting a War on Terror (itself a generic term with no definition).

There are far Better things to have a problem with than whether someone is living in Poverty.

how to make sure most people meet their peak performances?

Again... this Assumes we should be making sure most people meet their peak performance.

Such a question should first be... should we even bother to make sure most people meet their peak performance?

Do-Gooderism starts with the Assumptive Question. But that's the wrong question to ask of free people.

Peak performance? Who is the final arbiter of what constitutes a person's peak. What if someone doesn't want to meet their peak? What if they are happy to cruise? See the problem with Assumptive Questions.

But the do-gooder needs them because, no 100% solution to them is ever possible. And thus they can request Assistance forever and a day. To Help FIGHT the Bad Thing.

Michael Ross

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