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Default Re: Q for Steve (Photo biz)

Hi Bea, I would think that in order to start this biz (old fasion photos) the largest initial expense would be wardrobe and other props.
Really you can get by with a point and shoot digital.
I would get a digital for sure as with film it is just another step and cost to the proccess.
I have seen some of Steves photos and I think that they are nice as well.

Notice the wardrobe and props in the OLD TIME photos.
This all cost money, but you can also collect it over time.
you need a variety of sizes and colors, the more the better really, so the initial investment could be more that $200 but it is a viable biz as I have seen it work in my area as well.

I wouldn't think that you would need to buy a great photo printer as you ould print a contact sheet and have them order from that.

Once you get the orders send them to a print lab to fulfill the orders.

As for your question about what he photographs....
I read recently that he isn't photographing pets anymore as he didn't like it.
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