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Default Pot roast Sundays at the Golden Corral...good times.

My girlfriend loved MEAT Sundays at our local Golden Corral, and their pot roast was pretty good. Speaking of being full of malarky...

I may be, with my future views of the world. Time will tell.

It feels like there is such a pent up want/need to resume living, that the cost is going to be considered "collateral damage", albeit, I may be wrong.

The number of dead (and probably most being old dudes like me), will be considered a part of doing business. We'll see.

I liked the Asian mix at the Corral. Funny thing, one of the best Asian buffets I have ever been to was in Carlsbad, NM. That includes some in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore too. Who'd have thunk?? Carlsbad, freaking, New Mexico.


Originally Posted by Millard Grubb View Post
Thanks Gordon, should be interesting to see how things shape up.

I am more concerned with all the malarky we have to go through when just going to the store to pick up a few things.

At least in my area we can still go to restaurants to grab a quick bite or get take out. A number of restaurants have just spaced tables farther and even the big buffet chain "Golden Corral" has opened its doors, although, their staff serves the food from stations rather than customers getting the food for themselves.

Who would have thought.

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