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Default Low priced products vs higher priced ones...

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
First, Joe did have other books, I'll send you his promotions for some of his other IP, however, he was eclectic, and had other interests, like theater, and boats (he did like keeping an eye on boats he could flip), as well as being involved in closeouts, overstocks and liquidations (he rec'd several Hotsheets on these) he did have multiple streams of income. I think because of his many interests, he got away from onesies to consumers.

As you know Dien, and mention, selling one thing to consumers can be lucrative and a grind at the same time.

Also, using myself as an example, small reports, hotsheets, info products has been a bread and butter thing for me, but I, (like you) have other interests.

So, Harvey Brody has a great model, selling to a few. But with customers like Home Depot and 100 other big retailers or repair companies, his orders are often into the tens of thousands of dollars. Cool beanies here.

One reason I and my girls are looking to "Hollywood/Corporate" content buyers is because the Unit of Sale is much bigger. Instead of a 10 or 25 or even a 97 dollar product sold to hundreds, ONE buyer is all you need to replace all that to consumer activity. Distribution is key too. If Amazon is selling your book, and promoting it, then there is that LEVERAGE too.

In golf, I targeted the affluent markets. My golf shop was in the "high rent" district, not wanting golfers who used found golf balls or cheap clubs, I went after people who could afford the high end of golf stuff.

Most of our IP has been targeted more toward the low end user. Because we like to help them.

But, today, my target market is upper end buyers of content, creative content and/or corporate training content.

There are several models to choose from, and we are free to pick and choose, ONCE we become aware of the options we have. Too many people limit their choices because they either don't know, or are intimidated.

Thanks to your newsletters Dien, people learn about different opportunities they can explore, and thanks to some of our AZZ kicking here, they don't get caught up in chasing the unicorn of the day.
Hi Gordon,

It's interesting you mention the affluent markets... I think things can be easier selling higher priced products, compared to lower priced ones.

Of course, with higher priced products, you don't need to make as many sales to make the same amount of income...

Also, people who are able to pay higher prices seem to ask for fewer refunds (as you and I found out many years ago)...!

But, as you say, it's also nice to help everyone... not just the rich...

Best wishes,

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