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Default NEW Candidate Leads McCain/Obama. Likely To Win November. October Suprise

WASHINGTON - In stunning news today, a new candidate has joined the race for president. And if early polling is to be believed, he will be a shoe-in for the top job come November.

While some dispute his basic running platform, there is one thing which can be said about it. And that is, he has been saying the same thing for over two decades now.

Insiders, say SNL is planning a Skit on the candidate. But in a unique twist, the person playing the candidate in SNL's skit will actually be the candidate. Yep, he's going to satirize himself.

Who is he?

He is loved and adored by millions around the globe, as well as at home here. Chances are, you already know him. Maybe are even a fan of him yourself but didn't know he was running.

A man of clenched fist which pumps in a circular motion...

...He is none other than...

And during these tough times we need a leader who is not going to desert us. And someone who will stand and fight with us. Just remember, Rick is...

Michael Ross

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