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Default Ain't no cave deep enough, ain't no mountain high enough

to keep me from getting to you babe. Sings the comet with apologies to Marvin Gaye.

That's doomsday stuff. Best prep anyone can do is do some stretching exercise so they can bend far enough over to kiss....their whatever good bye.

But Millard, you do bring up a point. Many believe we are in the end of days. Some think boobies Trump is an angel, others he may be the Anti-Christ, although displaying supernatural powers to have nothing stick to him, who knows?

The extinction event could happen soon. I'm not preparing for it, nor expecting it, and not going to do anything when it comes (the comet); except make Bruce Willis get into a spaceship and try to save us all.

Crazy times??? MLB, the grand old game, America's game, just started back up, then, Miami (who would've thunk?!?). Let's see what happens in the DOME, at Disney FANTASY land.

I think the plan is to let it run wild, take out whomever it will, and then the rest of you can get on with your conspiracy and end of the world theories (Not aimed at you Millard, of course)l.

I'm a walking target, and think that it somehow will find me soon enough, precaution aside.

The idea of a quick down and dirty report, however, is right up my alley, and I may be a bit overambitious with mine. When I could just crank out HOTSHEETS and play all sides against the middle, that is a thought.

On a different note, my daughter pointed out that I was looking sort scraggly today, and she said; "If you look scraggly, maybe you feel scraggly too!"

Kid was right, a good shave, hot shower, and I feel like a whole different person, don't want any Comets to see me like I was. YIKES, might have scared it away.

Don't worry, the Chinese and Russians have their SPACE FORCES in place to protect us all.

Good times. Eh?


Originally Posted by Millard Grubb View Post
I have been hearing a number of folks in other places talking about asteroids coming our way because Jupiter is slightly out of orbit.

A number of "peppers" are talking about this.

Whether or not it is true, there are a number of places in the alternative news that follow this. There is a book written years ago by Larry Niven called "Lucifer's Hammer" that discusses a comet heading toward earth.

The reason I mention all this.... If someone acts quickly, a pepper's guide to surviving a disaster could make a few bucks. (I think I remember a book by Tess Penington) Not enough time to check right now.
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