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Larry Foster
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Default Marketing to new homebuyers idea

I have seen the idea about marketing to new home buyers often.
This shows up here as a way to get a business to advertise with you.
Given the current state of the U.S. housing market, how many new home buyers are there?
The sub-prime market has totally collapsed. There is a large segment that can't buy a home now that could recently.
Home sales are around a 4 year low.
It may go lower.
This may or may not last.
My area is not typical. I'm rural in a fairly rural county. Few jobs and very few potential qualified buyers. They all left to find work elsewhere.
That leaves the businesses in my small town having to exist on what's already here.
I'm sure there are areas, especially in or near a lot of metro areas that there is still a lot of buyers.
But there's a lot that ain't.
How about some different ideas to sell businesses on working with us?
Larry Foster
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