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Larry Foster
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Default Re: Marketing to new homebuyers idea

Let me try again. Sorry for the confusion.
I have seen posts here that our hook to local businesses is that we will promote their business to new home buyers. Send postcards or get the business info into those hands.
Here's one by Unregistered
I have seen this idea a lot here.
Given that the number of new home buyers is decreasing rapidly due to the economy, is that still a good offer?
My point for my specific area is that wouldn't be worth a lot due to demographics. Few homebuyers.
What I was looking for was whether that offer of promoting their specific business to new home buyers was still a good incentive for a business to pay you to be on yoor website or whatever you are offering.
If not, do you have other ideas that would fit the current climate better?
Hope I was clearer.
And thanks as always.
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