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Larry Foster
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Default Re: Marketing to new homebuyers idea

Thanks Todd, Sandi and Phil.
Some good ideas.
But, I'm afraid I still haven't made my question clear.
In the post that I referred to above, there was a suggestion on creating a local community website. To get advertisers to pay you to be featured on this site, you offer them the opportunity to be the only carpet cleaner, restaurant, flower shop, grocer or whatever.
There have been other opportunities discussed in the past where marketing to homebuyers was how one would promote these local businesses.
If you were in an area that housing sales were very slow, what would you offer a local business to incentivize them to be on your community website?
I agree that some areas are still booming while others are in the tank. If you were in an area where home buyers were about as scarce as hen's teeth, how would you approach the florist, restaurant or grocer?
Todd, thanks for the idea about mortgage brokers. I just started with one as a new client.
We recently did a small (325) postcard mailing to owners with ARMs that were about to be reset. One phone call and that one seemed to vanish. Never to answer her phone again.
Small sample and can't tell if the copy was bad (I hope not) or since consumer confidence is low people are apathetic. One interesting thing to me was that at least 10 cards were returned as undeliverable indicating to me that these people left these homes that were purchased less than 2 years ago.
I have opinions about how qualified their list is.
I am in western Pa. and, in general, we're going backwards fast in many ways.
Thanks, again.
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