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Default Need some INFO (not legal advice) on this interesting question...

If I go to a "public" place (+ that's another question), and I do "man on the street" type video clips, getting "regular" people's CANDID reactions to a new product (like you see on many infomercials + commercials) -- HOW DO I GET THEIR PERMISSION TO USE THEIR CLIP in any way I want, without paying them, etc.?

A model release, yes. But do I need to get a SPECIAL model release to cover my a** TOTALLY?!?! Do I need to go talk to a lawyer? If so, what TYPE of lawyer (intellectual property?).

I want to be able to do this, without WORRYING about the consequences -- I do NOT want to be open to being sued, or cease + desist, etc. There MUST be a way to do this get GENUINE CANDID reactions that I can then use in ANY WAY I WANT, WITHOUT paying the people I tape.

Anyone with any experience with this?

Please advise.


-- TW
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