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Default Imitate How Steve Jobs Solved China Rip-offs problems for Apple

Thanks Steve,

Another Steve - Steve Jobs has already solved this problem for all of the
Industry niches with products on iTunes. Including the music
Business and screen backgrounds.

I've been studying what iTunes has done....

I - They make their delivery system easier, faster than competitors

II - ADDED VALUE - they keep adding bells and whistles to the iPod/pad/computer software too - that support iTunes s ales.

a - more pixels

b - more and brighter colors

c - greater selection

III - SPEED - the hi speed of innovation and change keeps the thieves
back on their heels - off balance.


I Differentiate my 1-of-a-kind-FLIRT and Advanced S ales stuff - which
is stolen and put up on the web all over the place...

In several ways.

A - I have an Ezine which lists case study examples
of how to use ideas from each product.

B - I make it clear INSIDE each product that OTHER Products are
needed to get The BEST result.

C - I Force people to take a Test - or they cannot buy - my most valuable

D - I name drop and put links to other items inside each info product

I call this my - "Marketing-by-theft" - System.

E - I offer F_R_E_E Consulting and Extra Bonus items - BRIBES and Thank you
REWARDS to legitimate b uyers.

is what Steve Jobs did
on iTunes to get most people
to B UY rather that go to the trouble
of ordering a LOW QUALITY
Rip-OFF Version - with no guarantee or customer support!

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Just my two cents - but if ALL of the biggest companies in the world
can't stop China theft. I'd prefer to spend my time finding ways to ADD
VALUE and BENEFITS that the crooks can't STEAL.
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