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Default Re: The "Secret" to getting prospects to OPEN your emails!

Originally Posted by midasman View Post
They "pay attention to" and are aware of...what their TOP Competitor is doing!

So....taking advantage of this, I decided to "Appeal" to their "Greed Glands" by using an Email "Subject Line" of....."Here's How Smith Roofing gets most of their Jobs!"

"Smith Roofing" is the Top Roofer in the area and....all their competitors KNOW IT! mentioning the Top Biz in that Niche....I get almost 100% "Clicks".
Hey Don,

Thanks - I think that's a great tip!

I can imagine it working. I think if I was a local contractor, I'd click on the link (at least if I recognized the name of the competitor)... How could I not? It'd attract clicks of those in the industry like bees to honey!

And you're right - if they don't open yer email, you can't get a sale...

Best wishes,

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