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Default The President a "father figure"...?

Originally Posted by MikePT View Post
On an interview (or book?) Joe Sugarman talks about the variants, even I think on Political candidacy or the President, I don't remember exactly.
Hi Mike!

Yes, I read this too from Joe Sugarman... I think it might have been in "Advertising Secrets of the Written Word"...

I remember that Joe Sugarman's theory was that the President of the USA was like a "father figure" to the nation... And so he has strong influence on people's behavior. People follow his example...

I think Sugarman talks about how, in the late 1970s, President Jimmy Carter encouraged people to stop borrowing so much on their credit cards. Some people even cut up their credit cards and sent the pieces to the White House in response!

When Jimmy Carter did that, Joe Sugarman's business plunged - because he was completely reliant on people calling him up and ordering, using their credit card over the phone!

When they weren't spending by using their credit cards, he had no business!

Today, President Trump is mask avoider number 1. He wears them occasionally, but is usually seen mocking people who wear masks. People follow his example, because he's the President, the country's "father figure"... Photos show people packed together without masks at his rallies. There even tend to be increased local coronavirus outbreaks immediately after his rallies...

Thanks... I think this is an interesting topic...

- Dien
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