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Default It isn't only about TOLL POSITIONS, Sherman covers a wider area...

I don't know, but I suspect Covid pandemic got in the way, not only for all of us, but for Sherman Hunter as well.

Big difference in Sherman and Harvey Brody is; HB almost always talks about Toll Position, whereas SH has more of a "networking" take, getting people in a like minded group vs. a one off relationship. I think The Concept and what Sherman has written at the home page is a bit more FINDER'S FEE friendly, than a HB project.

I do like Sherman's "suitcase" business idea.

Hope he gets more of the pieces in place.


Originally Posted by SDKHunter View Post
Thanks Dien.

I will definitely share memories, insights, strategies and experiences. There is quite a lot to cover. Harvey's willingness to openly share his knowledge, time and his family with me and my family can only be described as a tremendous blessing.

I have a great deal of upgrades and modifications to many of my books that grew out of "The Concept". I will make them available again as part of the revision of my software tools. They are designed to accelerate the acquisition process of locating, evaluating, negotiating and acquiring toll positions. When I can, I would like to explain why I am so motivated to develop these tools..

The power of business collaboration will be embedded within the software. I am aiming for a lot of synergism in the final versions. For sure this will be a daunting task, so I know I will need to take it in stages or pieces. The pieces have to fit together and compliment each other in special ways. So, I will likely need a number of "activities" occurring at nearly the same time.

What I have in mind will be obvious to someone with business experience behind them. But, I am also needing individuals with little or no exposure to the strategy itself. My website offers a free introductory report as to what all of this is about.

I will be sharing a lot of materials inside the forum as well. I look forward to our discussions.
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