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Default The "Secret" of a good life (in my opinion)...

Originally Posted by sandalwood View Post
Woke up to a bright sun and slight chill this morning. Lovely actually. No snow as of yet but so what, it's on its way.

Also woke up w/a head full of revenue generating ideas for 2012 mostly thanks to this forum and the WF. What a great time to be alive.

Hope everyone had and is having a great beginning to their new year
HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

If you "count your blessings" - I'm sure all of us here will find we have many, many blessings...

In our "wealth" of many forms - which could come in the form of the existing income that you do have (of course), but also in the form of good friends, family, health blessings (even if our health isn't perfect), blessings of knowledge, knowhow, skills, technology which makes our lives easier, even the blessing of internet access - and many others! Then... remember to be grateful for the blessings that you have...

In my opinion, being grateful (in particular to a "higher power") for the blessings that you do have is the real "secret" of a good life!

You know, if you go back a few hundred years - even kings and queens didn't have it as good as the average American/Canadian/European/etc. has it now!

(That's why, if they bathed at all, even kings and queens would only bathe once a year - especially in colder climates! The luxury of hot and cold running water means we can luxuriously bathe every day! Not to mention other luxuries - like cars, heating and good insulation, warmer clothing, modern medicine, telephones, television, movies, recorded music, washing machines, microwave ovens, the internet... many of these things which we usually take for granted - and the list goes on and on...)

I hope everyone has a great year in 2012!

Best wishes!


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