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Default A read through Bud Weckesser's ads and you will find...

Now that your eyes are open, stare at this for a minute...


It is almost 80% of the foundation of insecurity.

Take Bud's weight loss ads. Some of his best started out about being fat shamed...or embarrasment. Think of the Charles Atlas ad about having sand kicked in your face...

the easiest way to get attention is to use an image (let the reader create this in her mind) of their insecurity related to that promotion.

Read a list of the all time great ads, and you quickly see that my 80% is probably way LOW.

After enough money is made to take one up a color on the Maslow Pryamid and before self actualization where they give the money away...lies the vast majority who feel those above them are judging and maybe even laughing at them...maybe for make MISTAKES in English (old ad reference).

But the real secret is not only knowing this...but using specific words or specific preoccupational interrupters at the intersection. Being stared at is very different from being seen, although both refer to someone looking, eh?

It is hard to keep these right in front of you to use while crafting messages, but sometimes a WHITEBOARD with a little POP on it helps, the POP should have the Target's insecurity around their bubble.

It is all starting to make sense.

Isn't it?


Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Gordon,

Wow, this is a big point... I'm going to have to try using this myself...

People's insecurities I think can explain the popularity of a lot of things...

You just need to look at a lot of popular political radio and TV shows (on both sides) to see this!

You've opened my eyes to something I hadn't quite realized before...

Thanks Gordon...

Best wishes,

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