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Default I've been inspired by you... and it works!

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Gordon & Dien,

Perhaps I am "Slow."

It took me years To Change my MINDSET.

(HA Gordon - GOTCHA)

Actually. It took me years To CHANGE MY MIND.

TEST FIRST - Then only Write the book
If you have enough Buying prospects.

Years Plus six figures worth of Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarman, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy seminars Eventually TAUGHT ME...

To figure out how to BRIBE People to TELL me WHAT THEY WANT to Buy.
Thanks Glenn!

By the way, I very rarely recommend email lists... But getting on Glenn's email list is one of the ones I wholeheartedly recommend...!

I've copied your technique! It works!

I really should do it more often...

Getting honest feedback is very valuable...

Your "bribe" doesn't have to be difficult. I've used "hotsheets" (as Gordon teaches) as the "bribe". You can write a couple pages of information - and people love it, as long as it's valuable for them... (No fluff.)

Thanks Glenn!

Best wishes,

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