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Default Re: THANKS SKIP! I LOVE this Lady. Dan Kennedy Has Nothing on her.

Pretty interesting podcast. Thanks Skip for sharing it.

Simple message: set your goals based on your personality. Not on how other people are living their lives. Because other people's personality does not match yours.

Don't get distracted by bs. Be focused on your goals.

Penelope Trunk is pretty good at catching the BS.

She has an excellent idea about drama. Evidenced by how she cut off the podcast - saying they shouldn't discuss any other topic. Evidenced by how she challenged the interviewer to put this interview up to get more page views.

She did a poor job of setting up the interviewer though - and we could make out that he became pretty defensive. And there was a lot of going round and round to make a point - because of this. The no setting up part did lead to good drama. But I'm not convinced if its the best way to change someones perspective - and call them out on their bs... because this was more like shock therapy.

Good overall message though.
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