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Default Your mansion over the hill.

I look out my window. I see a few storefronts, a church, but on the horizon I see a single rooftop.

If you were sitting next to me, you could easily see it too.

Now, if I told you that over the hill, about half a mile was a mansion, filled with everything you ever wanted, you would be very skeptical. Who wouldn't?

But I hand you the keys, and say use that rooftop as a guide, and get there as quick as you want. Either find the mansion, or curse me out and never talk to me again.

It is your choice. To either THINK such a place exists, or to doubt it entirely.

What you can't see out my window is the river, about 400 yards, between us and your mansion over the hill (YMOTH).

There are four bridges in the city which can take you across, or you can try to cross it on foot. You'll climb some pretty steep ledges, and even then, when you get to the other side, the marker roof could be hidden from you.

IF I were to take you up to the top of my bldg, and give you binoculars, you could see the tip of your mansion, it has a weathervane on top of it. You still might be skeptical, but at least you know SOMETHING is out there.

You also have a higher view of the terrain, can now see the river, and perhaps see the best path to take, IF YOU CHOOSE TO GO AFTER IT.

This pretty much sums up the law of attraction, only in an opposite way. See, in most LOA teachings, they ask you to visualize your mansion. To see yourself inside of it, to act as if you own it, and believe and fill yourself full of great emotion, albeit, sometimes full of self deceit also.

This PICTOGRIGM has the mansion in existence, minus your vision of it, and a direction to go to get to it. You start from disbelief, but maybe a hope, wish or dream that it does exist.

The path to your mansion over the hill has twists, turns, maybe some roadblocks...but if you adjust as you go, then it awaits you. It already exists, as opposed to you creating it.

See, you either create or find. Often both at the same time.

The one thing both share is, they need an INTENT. What you want to create or what you want to find.

As I have written in some of my poetry, is, "you often find what you bring along". And there is the rub of many LOA teachings.

They start you from NOW, with a disregard for the past, and you imprint NEW neural paths, over top of the old habits.

It is also why people struggle so much. Long before the SECRET and modern LOA came about, with gurus on every intersection of the Net...a guy, Neville Goddard made some great recordings, including on the REVISION technique.

YouTube is loaded with his work.

I'm not sure you need revision, but AWARENESS, as taught on the SQ1, to see and know your past and what choices were made FOR you and BY you in your past.

Many have trouble believing a MANSION exists, either one they create or the one they simply find. And as often as not, this self-limiting governor can be located (and eliminated) from your lifeline of the past through acknowledgement, acceptance and action in the direction of your mansion (goal).

My opinion is most won't leave the house to go find or build their own mansions of fulfillment. Will you?

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