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Default Who cares what other people think?

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
Many have trouble believing a MANSION exists, either one they create or the one they simply find. And as often as not, this self-limiting governor can be located (and eliminated) from your lifeline of the past through acknowledgement, acceptance and action in the direction of your mansion (goal).
Hi Gordon,

Great post!

Is this the key, believing the mansion exists? And perhaps, even believing there is a path there... And that they are able to travel it?

Self-doubt can kill a lot of things...

I think people are also afraid of looking like a fool...

Maybe they had an auntie who would tell them, "I told you not to try to join the soccer team. I told you that you would fail. You were rejected, and now you look like an idiot."

That kind of experience could kill your success for life!

"Why try?" they say.

Sometimes, it's an advantage not to care what other people think. Who cares what they think? What do they know?

Anyway, that's the way I look at things...

Of course, I do care what people think - but not too much. I feel that's been an advantage for me!

(And for many others...)

Should we be encouraging people not to care what others think?

Just something I ought to ponder myself...

Best wishes,


P.S. Richard Feynman was a physicist, who had many adventures. They often picture him playing the bongos.

He wrote two books of his adventures... "Surely You're Joking, Mr Feynman"... and the second volume was, "What Do You Care What Other People Think?"

They're both fun to read! But... he truly didn't care what other people thought. I think that's a good attitude to have! (Certainly makes life more interesting...)
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