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Default Some good ideas. Here are MY favorites.

My objective with this brainstorming post was/is to see what you guys and dolls come up with (hey ladies, don't be hatin an old man for calling you dolls...think Frank Sinatra in GUYS AND DOLLS)...

and the idea of going into an unknown place armed with very little...

to produce a 500 dollar a day income...which could probably be scaled up for those of you NOT traveling...

Anyhow, some interesting ideas.

My personal favs are:

#1 Teaching the teachers. This requires some advance prep, with a web site, and using mostly craigslist and/or forums like this one where you would find people interested in starting a business and/or with a high passion index for what you have to offer.

I'd look for ONE person in the destination who would be interested in teaching other people how to __________________

What you have to teach along with any marketing materials could be done in 4 hours or less, then use afternoon to help him/her get started.

Examples, using SowPubbers who post.

Find ONE person in Akron, OH who can teach 6-8 other people how to start and operate a BALLOON service. You charge 550 bux. He in turns runs free ads on craigslist offering to teach people HOW to start their own balloon routes. In that area, you would have assigned territories.

IN addition, I may provide a service of wholesaling the balloons to him and his group so, he has passive income from the people he trains...say, at 125 each...maybe, possibly all at the same time to recoup his investment with me.

OR, maybe it would be teaching people how to start a fantasy photo business, again, he would then teach 6-8 people in the area (plenty big) how to do it and provide back-end services for them.

The object is to TEACH someone TO TEACH could have a backend product that is automated, or set up where as you don't have to be involved. Say balloons. The guy orders through your affiliate link, so if they reorder...and you have a dozen of these MASTER teachers, each with 5 people...that's 60 people reordering balloons through your service provider....

You could teach someone how to set up others with a HEADLIGHT cleaning business, or a detail business, or a non franchise glass repair biz.

OR, a work from home RESUME writing business.
OR, a golf instruction business. In Akron, OH, there are already scores of golf pros, but you find ONE to teach a unique system, and he teaches 6-10...sets up a possible licensing situation, one which could have a 100 teachers of the J-Swing.

OR, a Pizza Card business. With so many pizza shops, one guy couldn't possibly cover a populated area, but he could TEACH other people how to do it. What I like with this model is you are working with ONE person, you get your 500 bux for the day, he gets an opportunity to help other people make money and everyone wins.

Another example then I'll move on. You could be a distributor, tak

An established company for advertising specialties with a dealer program.

And this example extends to anything you might be successfully doing.

YOU could train one person to get other dealers, and this isn't the traditional MLM or Network marketing, there are overrides and commissions for getting others into the business.

These type of programs, with some overrides or small commissions for finding people could provide income for decades.

OK. So my top favorite is TEACHING THE TEACHERS.

#2 Along with this, sort of...just do one day workshops. On what you know. Lots of ways to do it, but I'd look for ONE sponsor, maybe a couple of months ahead of time on craigslist.

HE would host the seminar, wherever and he would bear his own expense for advertising, which I'd suggest be free and guerrilla...and try to find 6 people to attend this one day workshop.

Example: Say I'm traveling through Chicago and I'm doing a ONE day workshop on HOW TO MAKE 500 DOLLARS A DAY BY CHATTELING. The workshop would cost 149 dollars to 299 dollars...and my host in Chi Town would get 50% of the workshop fee. 10 would be a good goal.

10 X 149 would be 1490 bux...which allows for 490 out of pocket expenses if needed...and we would both net 500 bux. I make mine, he makes his and the attendees learn something that puts bucks in their pocket whenever they choose to do it.

I'd start at 8 in the morning with a LIVE demo actually making 500 by noon...then spend the afternoon going over all the strategies and techniques.


Same can be done for almost anything YOU know and do. Like how to set up QR codes for business...that whole mobile biz market...

Or, how to sell advertising OR how to create information products OR how to submit your invention to a marketing company...

OR how to get into the lucrative copywriting field...

Anything YOU know and DO can be turned into a one day workshop.

Those are my top 2, but I'll post some more later today.

Feedback on these ideas would be appreciated in the meantime.


Gordon Jay Alexander

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
You fell from an airplane into a town of 25,000 people or more.

You need to make 500 bux in cash. Today. Starting at 8 ending by 5.

No support programs. No call backs. No follow up. You'll be dropped out of a plane tomorrow into another town/city.

You'll cover the USA for any city with at least 25k.

So, what do YOU do, to get the 500 cash in your pocket ASAP every day?

Any idea accepted. But once you leave town the next day, you will never see nor hear from anyone again. OK?

Thinking caps ON? Go!!!

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