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Default here's one

Given that we are allowed a car and trailer that means we haven't been dropped into town totally destitute.

You might even call this a working vacation plan.

Using Arizona as an example target....I would have registered (which by the way is available and had the site prebuilt before the excursion.

Plan is to find tourist attractions....Upon entering town would stop and ask what there is to see locally...even out of the way and not necessarily big huge ones...and where are the good spots to eat.

Armed with laptop and a couple of premade demos would approach the local attractions and eateries and offer a 3-5 minute video to be placed on the web site. Local attraction should take about 1 hours max to video and restaurants about 1 hour. Attraction done between 10 and 11:30am (or if amusement type then at almost poeak period of the day), and restaurants just prior to lunch or supper time and part of the dinner time to capture customers actually eating.

Similarly I would approach hotels / motels with the same offer although doing these takes a little longer to shoot.

Video editing in afternoon or late afternoon depending on shooting time, and content write-up for the web page and finished video burned to DVD as master which is provided to business. Video and content added to website and then finished product presented at end of day if possible or next morning.

Because Gordon specified a one day income...just one video shoot a day and completed and presented same real time where no one day specification I would do 2 of them and present for payment next day and squeeze in one more video shoot on the second day and finished up by the end of the second day with a total of 3 done in 2 days. Then move on, or do some more in the area, or just kick back for a day or two and actually take in the local fare.

Fee structure would be recurring monthly payment of $67 per month ($804/year) or cash / credit card payment of $595 automatically recurring yearly.

As an enticement to close the deal throw in adding the finished video to and grandfathering them in for second year at $395, and all subsequent years at $295 (these would be automatically recurring passive income).

One could also negotiate free night stay and food as part of a reduction in package price at the hotels / motels.

If domain name is carefully selected and each web site was prepped properly with SEO then the site should be in number one or two position on google for the keywords.One could spend 2 -3 years traveling the US and getting well paid to do it.

Incidentally ....if I liked traveling I would do this in a heartbeat...but....34 years ago I spent a few years behind the wheel of a tractor trailer logging just over 750,000 commercial miles (having been through 46 states and all provinces in Canada)....and now I have absolutely no inclination to stray very far from this location.
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