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Default The BILLION dollar HOTSHEET season. My new mail order biz. New forum.

A few years ago I wrote about a guy in Tallmadge, OH who had millions of dollars of cash in his freezer. From the HOTSHEET I'm about to mention.

This HOTSHEET is found in pubs, bars, fraternal clubs, even some church ladies pass them out.

College and PRO football bet slips.

Play a buck, win 500 if you pick all the winners. Billions will be spent on them. Probably a few of you will use them.

Speaking of HOTSHEETS, there will be a new PRIVATE sub forum starting next month on HOTSHEETS (aka cheatsheets, tips, one page pubs, etc.) It will take a purchase to enter, however, you still must be approved, so, when the time comes, and you want to participate, check with me first to make sure you are eligible, OK?

Full circle. Starting my "mailorder biz" or mail order biz or remote direct marketing business back up. Will be sending reports and mostly hotsheets via USPS mail. Just tired of having my stuff up at black hat forums and dealing with people who didn't buy.

All people in the new HOTSHEET forum will have a chance to see what it is and how it does.

I doubt if I'll complete any more reports on my own, even good ideas, or what I've mentioned, will be a JV, if it is going to see the light of day.

So, new sub forum next month on HOTSHEETS.
New (old) Mail Order Biz.
NO new reports, unless you want to help do them.

That's all for now. Bet 20 bux on Browns winning Super Bowl, consider it my charitable contribution to organized and legal gambling, if a miracle happens, I'll retire (will also bust Vegas, HA!) Actually, only 300 to 1 odds, best my 20 bux could do is return 6k, Vegas is safe.


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