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Dien Rice
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Default Julie, that's more wonderful wisdom.... thank you!

Thanks Julie.... :)

Everything you share is SO rich in wisdom.... :)

I believe that if we each counted all our blessings, you would never be able to count them fully.... There are SO many things....

Just start with what's around you.... The nutritious food on your table. The protective roof over your head. Your loved ones. The informative computer screen you're looking at now! And the supply of electricity that supplies it....

But it goes beyond that. What about your windows to the world, your senses? Your good eyes to see your surroundings, your ears to hear the sounds of nature, your tongue to taste delicious spices, your feet to take you from one place to the next, your hands to help you with practically everything, and so on and on and on....

And then there are intangibles. Your intelligence to understand the world around you, your life experiences to draw from, your good memories to reminisce and enjoy, and those joyous little moments you experience each day....

Thank you Julie for reminding me of this... I'm grateful for that taste from your wellspring of wisdom.... :)

And if you haven't been there, and you want to grow and discover your true self.... then don't delay, go check out Julie's web site! The link is below.... :)

Dien Rice

Grow and prosper - learn from more of Julie's wisdom.... :)