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Default Re: opinion on a marketing idea

Originally Posted by karunnt View Post
I have a product I want to sell to dentists.

To market I visit them and give the receptionist a 1 page brochure and leave. This has not worked well and I suspect the receptionist does not give this to the dentist (who makes all buying decisions) or it gets lost among the other papers on their desk.

A friend suggested I give them three things:

1) a potted plant with my company name on the side (about $3 each)
2) a chocolate
3) business card

I think the plant would stay somewhere on the desk and the dentist would see my web address and maybe visit. This is what I want.

My only problem is that it would cost about $3.50 for each dentist. I can get a simple flower plant for about $1 but it may have a shorter lifespan.

What do you think? Is this a good idea?

Send a fed ex package that will get opened by the dentist 100% of the time.
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