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Default Re: Internet....You Don't Know What You Are.

> I'd like to share my thoughts and hope
> others do the same.

> . The Internet
> doesn't come with a user's manual,

After all the columns in magazines,proliferation
of internet companies with the purpose to
offer e-commerce solutions, I wonder why the
present information is not serving the needs
of internet users. I agree with you on the
point..but the question is "why?"...why are
so many businesses not "getting it"?...why don't
internet commerce businesses know how to show people how they
can use this "communication medium"(I like your
definition) to make their businesses more
successful? why are business owners mystified
in how to use it? do you think perhaps the web
designers should take more of a role in communicating how a site can bring foot traffic
to your local business? maybe web designers are
doing this-if so enlighten me...I personally know
of a small mens clothing business where the
owner spent $20,000 to design a website; got
some p.r, had 10,000 hits and didn't even have
an ezine , coupons or anything to capture the
names of those people who viewed his site...he's
still kicking himself and starting from square
1...he thought all he had to do was contract
someone to do a website and leave the promotional
aspect to them...

. The average surfer will
> use the Internet as yet another method of
> entertainment.
And why is this? what does this say about
human nature if anything?

> One of the things I've been saying for over
> four years is that the Internet is hands
> down, the fastest and cheapest method of
> communication available today... but that's
> all it is - a method of communication.

I agree here...yet I work in an office with
the best internet access and capabilites and
80% of the people still prefer to use the
phone and get caught up in voicemail tag ....
I use the net to communicate with customers
and businesses and most of the people I work
with think "that's strange"...they have plenty
of questions about the anonymity component and
accuracy of the information etc..they don't
get it...but what mystifies me even more is
they don't want to get it...I guess old habits
die hard...I'm interested in your comments on
if the media has failed to inform people what
the internet is about and WHY?

When I go to some discussion boards for example
around certain industries, I see b2b companies
popping up providing VORTALS ...yeah this makes
sense: show a small local business how to connect
with the world but they don't know how to use
the internet to boost sales in their own communities. The example you gave concerning
the dry cleaners is a perfect example...

Do you think the implication here is the magazine
media (trade journals)are deficient in providing accurate and wise information on how small to
medium size businesses can use the internet
to help their local businesses?...

Thanks for providing a stimulating post...I'm
interested in views on this issue...