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Julie Jordan Scott
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Default More Lessons on Wealth this morning! :-)

> Hi Julie,

> I agree with Amber.... that was a wonderful
> article! Thank you! :)

Thank YOU, Dien, for being so abundantly kind and supportive. I had quite a lesson today, and wondered if others can follow along and SEE the bounty in it, the lesson in it, and perhaps see where they can create shifts in their thinking as well in the future.

This morning, my three year old Emma and I went to Burger King to play at their indoor playground because we had some time to spare before Bible Study. Wednesdays are our day without work, and she loves "school" and I love my lessons and interaction with some pretty deep thinking women who come to the study.

Although it was broad daylight, for some reason I left the lights on in my car. As Em and I were inside, I was sort of smugly thinking how I had changed some pretty bleak financial situations around for my family...that it felt SO good to be "in control" of everything.....kind of arrogant actually...

I went out to start my car and YOU GUESSED IT, my battery had become worthless. Thinking, how can I solve this, I decided when my Ford Cortina would not start 20 years ago, I would jump start it. So I pushed my car up and then jumped in and rolled down the hill....but there was not enough juice to start it.

So a guy from the place asked me if I needed help, and I asked for jumper cables, but they had none. I went next door to the new Auto Sales place, and THEY had none (both guys who owned them forgot them this morning) so I was resigned to calling AAA. I think that was someone's larger intention for me. Control was NOT mine at all in this case, or in any of life actually.

Still not upset or distressed (even though I was flirting with being late to my study) I called AAA. They said someone would be there within a half an hour and ten minutes later my tow truck came to jump start my battery.

The driver was especially nice, he took my card and ID and I went to rescue Emma who was having fun playing with the pay phone. He asked me if I had an updated AAA card (the one I had with me had expired).

He said to me, jokingly, "I could tell you I can't serve you with an outdated card."

And I countered with, "You look like much too nice of a guy to not help a pregnant woman with a preschooler get her car started." He turned and looked at me and said, "You are pregnant again?"
and I nodded and he said, "Tell me the Dad is still around to take care of his kids."

Still joking, I said, "Most of the time.....are you a bartender in your spare time?" He laughed and said that he was not. I told him I was separated, and that sometimes life throws us curveballs we are not expecting.

He stood up and said "My wife and two kills were killed by a drunk driver right before Christmas last year." Immediately tears filled my eyes, and overflowed. I managed to choke out, "I am sooo sorry....I, I, I just can't even imagine."

He did not speak a trite "Its ok." He simply nodded and got the cables ready to jump my car.

He took extra time to be sure my car was ok, even asked about the lights working and suggested I have the whole system checked on it.

I cried almost all the way to Bible Study, realizing that I had abundance sitting next to me in her car seat, that I have abundance in my relationships BEYOND financial abundance.

I thought of how blind I sometimes am to this wealth in front of me. And it is because of this wealth, my children and people I am in relationship with, that I will continue to responsibly build my business and continue to live my destiny.

It just so happens, that when all is lined up, it all seems to fall into place more magnificently than I could ever create myself.

Even for the towtruck driver (Who I will most likely never see again) he has given ME a lesson in abundance.

And I could have just pouted and sulked and been surly. Instead, I was purely me (yes, I like to joke and be silly much of the time) and remained open to the lesson I was supposed to receive this morning.

Which leads me to the question, how are the rest of you tuning into the messages you are receiving?

With Purpose and Passion,