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Default's not very original.

Originally Posted by unpinkpanther View Post
...but that has to be one of the key lessons I've learned from this forum:

You don't need the bog down of the so-called "start-up" to achieve your financial goals.

Fly-Low operations are certainly not as "sexy" as the typical venture-funded outfit.

That's probably why the press will gravitate towards headlines like "VC splashes yet another $5.7b on newest innovative start-up"

Thank GOD I discovered this place

I like Dan Kennedy's work, he has long advocated a one person start-up (if that is what you want) to cost no more than a 1000 bux to get to proof of concept.

Some people think bigger, they want to build something huge, and in between there is a wide spectrum of choices of what a person wants to do.

We here at Fly Low Central, for the most part, prefer control and time over slop and mess. With millions and billions flying around, you can count on a lot of slop and mess.

Some, like Zuckerberg have an idea and it goes way beyond what they thought. Others, like Jobs, planned for becoming big.

So. we appreciate all Entrepreneurship, big and small.

Today, leveraging the Internet, the costs are so low to test, and the markets so huge, it is pretty, pretty, easy to carve out a piece of whatever pie delights.

We are a small potatoes forum, and we're OK with that. TIME is a big factor in our decisions to remain 'under the radar'.

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