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Lightbulb Now THAT's a "guru" I respect...

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
I like Dan Kennedy's work, he has long advocated a one person start-up (if that is what you want) to cost no more than a 1000 bux to get to proof of concept.


I highly recommend Dan Kennedy's How to Make Millions With Your Ideas.

If I may share an "educational failure", I got that book 15 years ago. I've mutilated my copy with notes, highlighted entire sections and so on.

And yet ... I think it's just now that I see how much I'm yet to mine in that book.

Sure, I did try a few ideas here and there, but with the Internet and its seducing siren call, I quickly moved on to other "newer" opportunities. Never focusing on FUNDAMENTALS

Or like GordonJ may say, no FRAMEWORK.

When I look back all the wheel-spinning I've done over the years, I see that people need more than anything else MENTORS.

Mentors can provide the guidance and FOCUS needed to succeed. It's even more necessary now in today's very noisy world.

I'm glad I've finally gotten that off my chest...
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