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Default Maybe a mentor, maybe not.

Originally Posted by unpinkpanther View Post
I highly recommend Dan Kennedy's How to Make Millions With Your Ideas.

If I may share an "educational failure", I got that book 15 years ago. I've mutilated my copy with notes, highlighted entire sections and so on.

And yet ... I think it's just now that I see how much I'm yet to mine in that book.

Sure, I did try a few ideas here and there, but with the Internet and its seducing siren call, I quickly moved on to other "newer" opportunities. Never focusing on FUNDAMENTALS

Or like GordonJ may say, no FRAMEWORK.

When I look back all the wheel-spinning I've done over the years, I see that people need more than anything else MENTORS.

Mentors can provide the guidance and FOCUS needed to succeed. It's even more necessary now in today's very noisy world.

I'm glad I've finally gotten that off my chest...

Thank you for sharing. And I'm sad to say, your story is not unique. In fact, I'd say it is pretty common. Which is why I harp on it so much.

Goals. Plans. Activity. Solving Problems In the Direction Of your Goals, SPIDOG.

Knowing what you want. And why. The hard mental work of thinking through projects before you start them.

I do think Mentors help, a lot. But, I've known many self made successes who didn't have them, but guess what they did have?

A want.
A desire.
ACTION toward what they wanted.
ADJUSTMENT of action.
Enjoyment of the day.
Problem solving

Yes, a mentor is a good thing to have, mentors are even better giving one a broader perspective of methods and strategies.

Spinning wheels, bog down, mess and slop, hit and miss, start up/shut down, flitting from idea to idea, shiny objects, latest and greatest, FEW of us are immune, and most of us are guilty...

And sometimes we have to go through that to get to final product of who and what we want to be.

One mentor, Harvey Brody, had employees, and found out he did just as well without them.

So, unpinkpanther, are you ready to "settle down" and FOCUS on your next? Hope so.

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