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Default How to learn an entrepreneur's "secrets"...

Originally Posted by unpinkpanther View Post
When I look back all the wheel-spinning I've done over the years, I see that people need more than anything else MENTORS.

Mentors can provide the guidance and FOCUS needed to succeed. It's even more necessary now in today's very noisy world.

I'm glad I've finally gotten that off my chest...

I agree with the importance of mentors...!

Entrepreneurship and business is an area where many people don't share their "secrets"... They hold their cards close to their chest.

Now, some will share some of those "secrets"... in books, courses, and so on...

But even then, most won't spill all of the beans... They'll still keep some to themselves...

However, if such a successful person likes and trusts you, then they'll share more with you than they would otherwise...

The key, I believe, is to try your best to make it "win/win." What can you do for them in return? Can you also help them in some way?

What you want to avoid is the "entitlement" attitude... Some people feel they are "entitled" to help. That's not true at all, nobody owes you their help at all. Instead, you should be appreciative of any help and wisdom you receive, and also let them know that you greatly appreciate it...

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