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Default YOU just don't get it Tim, probably never will...

An IN PERSON meeting is all about the non-verbal stuff we've been discussing this last couple of weeks. Here is a good article that sheds a little light on the subject.

Dien Rice went out of his way, WAYYY out, to meet me in Cuyahoga Falls when he first proposed the idea for SowPub. I doubt if I would have been agreeable if we only communicated from a distance.

We got to "size each other up". And, good for SowPubbers ever since, we hit it off and found the other fellow likable...and the fact this brainiac was willing to take on such a dummy for a partner...Dien being the brains...

Person to person is about getting a feel...emotion comes hard for your logical brain...

And is, in fact, judged by your posts here the last few years, the cause of your frustration...

IF it is important to you, get Prepped, get on the plane, and let them see who they are dealing with...get back on the plane and get on with your mutually beneficial relationship.

Why would you NOT? Only because YOU feel it doesn't need to be that way...

it's not logical.

Good luck, I don't think you're ever going to "get it"


Originally Posted by -TW View Post
I've been asked to fly out 5,000 miles away for a business meeting. (read: to pitch what I have to a large corp.).

My question is this, what does an in-person meeting do that phone calls, etc. cannot do?

Again, I run up "against" the "human x-factor." When it comes to business, I don't see where it fits into the scheme of things (though I also see that it obviously DOES fit in with the scheme of things, ie: happens all the time).

I just see it as a colossal waste of time + $$ (from BOTH sides of the business "partner" equation).

Any thoughts on this?

-- TW
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