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Phil Gomez
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Default A few points and I'm out...

I'm really not trying to foster this discussion, so let me make a few more points and then (hopefully) bow out gracefully.

First, let me thank you, Michael, for not taking offense at my last post.

Second, thank you for realizing that each world view really is exclusive -- that is, they cannot all be true. I've met too many people who claim to be "practioners" of multiple religions but, in fact, they really don't know what they believe. I guess they think they are being more tolerant and inclusive -- but I feel that such folk are being deceptive. I would rather just agree to disagree.

Third, the point about the "inconsistencies" of the gospels: Let me just say that I believe that the differences are intentional -- the only author who claims to be giving a historical account is Luke. The others have different theological points that they are trying to emphasize, a point which become clearer when you look at the elements of Christ's life which they stress or ignore. While many people think these differences condemn the gospels, I think they are crucial to fully appreciating them.

Fourth, I don't mean to be telling you folks what to do -- if you want this discussion, have at it. I just offered a warning, based on my experience. Shortly after becoming a Christian I became involved in a discussion along these lines that, sadly, degenerated into a prolonged series of angry e-mail messages. Ever since then, I like to know whether the people I speak with regarding religion have real questions or just an axe to grind.