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Default Re: Sowpub Brainstorming session...500 bux a day....HOW...IF...

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
You fell from an airplane into a town of 25,000 people or more.

You need to make 500 bux in cash. Today. Starting at 8 ending by 5.

No support programs. No call backs. No follow up. You'll be dropped out of a plane tomorrow into another town/city.

You'll cover the USA for any city with at least 25k.

So, what do YOU do, to get the 500 cash in your pocket ASAP every day?

Any idea accepted. But once you leave town the next day, you will never see nor hear from anyone again. OK?

Thinking caps ON? Go!!!


Well if I fell into town with my camera and laptop I would simply find the local shopping mall and would start approaching parents who were out shopping with their children and would introduce myself, show samples of the fantasy portraits I create and tell the parents if they could spare 15 minutes at the local park (or I'd find an indoor children's playground and shoot the images there) I would photograph their children... no charge... and let them choose their favorite image for free.

Then I would offer to sell them the extras and chances are good I would make $500 per family. I'd probably shoot several sessions by noon and I'd burn their digital negatives onto a CD and make a quick video for them with

That way they could make their own prints at the local digital photo lab. I'd show them my regular price list of $995 for the digital negatives but would offer to sell the disk to them for half price if they paid that day in cash. Otherwise I'd be forced to delete the images because I'm only in town today only.

This way they walk away with a really great deal with duplication rights to the images and I'd be off to repeat the process in another town the next day!


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