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Default Broaden the parameters of the brainstorming session...more realistic???

Originally Posted by Cornell View Post
Please clarify "no support programs"

Also was I allowed to grab a bag under my feet or on the seat beside me as I fell out?


No planes, for those not wanting nosebleeds.

How's this:

You are in your VW Camper VAN, you could pull a very small trailer, but, for the sake of this brainstorming aren't.

So, you can carry tools, or something to sell (small items, big price tags?)

And what I mean by NO support, the person (s) giving you the 500 bux won't be calling nor sending you email, you may never hear from them again...but you could.

So, nothing about building websites, or SEO or anything which requires support.

Either a product or a service, you drive into town, spend a few hours, get 500 cash NET profit...then stay if you want (perhaps you meet a cute redhead in the store, and feel compelled to spend some of your 500 bux buying her dinner...he.he. )

So, you have some room in the Van to carry whatever.


whatcha gonna do?

And Phil, I do have a list already...but the Objective of My Brainstorming Session is To Identify Ideas I May Have Missed.

I think I have the PERFECT PRODUCT...and I'll give a HINT...flash drive.

OK, anyone got something else...???????

THANKS to all who participated and who will.

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